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Nancy Kikpatrick, noted anthologist, gives her take on being an antho editor

I’ve just edited my 13th anthology (EXPIRATION DATE, out in 2014) and for me, editing anthos is purely a labor of love. I’ve worked for major houses and small houses, been the lone editor and co-edited, edited under my name … Continue reading

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Henry, Gertie and Ruby

Henry, Gertie and Ruby

My life lately has gone to the dogs, it seems. No more mornings spent writing in Starbucks, consuming cappuccinos and tempted by yummy baked goods. I stay home to spend serious couch time with re hounds, watching over the new foster dog, Gertie. She is from a Quebec puppy mill but surprisingly well socialized. She has never been on a leash, however, and our first trip to the vet was tiring. She weighs in at 20 pounds and I carried her in, rather then fight about eating her when she refused to move. Another visit is coming up on Friday so I shall attempt to get her used to a leash before then! She is a sweet girl.

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