Joys of Discovery 4: Robert Bose

Joys of Discovery 4 — Robert Bose

image“I grew up on a farm in southern Alberta,” says Robert Bose, “reading the Hardy Boys and making up stories that only entertained my mother, myself, and maybe my dog.” Robert is still at it, writing short stories, flash fiction and role playing games. He has been published before in an anthology of crime stories by Alberta writers which puts him squarely in the mystery side of our writing crew. Except… except…

Like their inspiration Poe himself, this group tends to genre-slide and Robert is no exception. His story in nEvermore!, called “Atargatis”, starts off with a dead body as good mysteries often do, but this is a natural death and the story rapidly sides into territory usually reserved for more fanciful fare. A key, an old book, a puzzle, an ancient object found in the sea, the tale winds in and out, threading legend, myth, and metamorphosis together into a fascinating story as the reader glimpses more and more about the real heiress of Ascalon and what has been hiding in the mist and foam of the sea that perhaps even she did not fully grasp. Until the end. What is the meaning of Atargatis? Buy the ebook, read the story and find out!

Find out more about Robert here:

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