The Hot New Thing

image According to the writers Union magazine Write,

, the hot new thing in New York City is reading parties. Silent reading parties. People come, bring your book, select a nice comfy chair, and read in silence for three hours. No peeking at I Phones, no quick checking of emails, although apparently some do so surreptitiously. The person holding the party supplies things like reading lamps, clip on lights and such so that you can read in any corner of the room.

Would this work in Toronto? Wouldn’t it remind one of school?

I am trying to imagine myself as one of these parties, sipping away at my cappuccino, reading my book, hearing everyone rustling around me, and just dying to say something about what I’m reading! Perhaps Discussion happens after the three hour limit is reached.

if you’re interested, you can follow them on Silent Reading Group, NYC. On Facebook! Maybe I’ll see you there.

About Caro Soles

Writer in several genres, lover of dachshunds and opera, with some ballet thrown in for good measure. I founded the Bloody Words Mystery Conference, which ran for 14 years as well as the Bony Blithe Award for Canadian Light Mysteries, but that, too, has come to an end. My latest novel is The River District, a look at the seamy side of Merculian.
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