The Excitement Starts with the Short List


I love literary awards! All kinds, all genres. It’s a chance to see what others consider the  cream of the crop. Not that I always agree with them, especially if I have a book in that genre, but that’s another story.

It’s not just the winner I want to know and read, but the books on the short list, the titles the judges loved enough to want to honour, the ones they had to choose out of all the rest. I love the short list! It introduces me to writers I may have missed, authors whose books I can now discover for myself.

There are so many books out there! The Short List is like a menu, a feast laid our for my entertainment. And this is especially true of the Bony Blithe short list! I know that all these books will entertain. Bring a smile to my lips, or at least a lightness to my spirits. And what more can one ask of a light mystery?

March 27 is a date to look forward to! Bring on the menu!

About Caro Soles

Writer in several genres, lover of dachshunds and opera, with some ballet thrown in for good measure. I founded the Bloody Words Mystery Conference, which ran for 14 years as well as the Bony Blithe Award for Canadian Light Mysteries, but that, too, has come to an end. My latest novel is The River District, a look at the seamy side of Merculian.
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