The Joys of the Unexpected

Being interviewed is a fun experience and different every time. This past fall at World Fantasy Convention I was sitting with my friend, writer Nancy Kilpatrick, having a chat by the elevators, because there were comfy chairs there. We had just been to the Con Suite where it was so crowded we could neither talk to sit down. And then a man came along with a tripod over his shoulder. He smiled and spoke to us as he pressed the elevator button. People at cons are always chatty so we asked him if he was videotaping the panels. And  he turned around. To talk some more and… I would love to say that he recognized me but alas, it was Nancy he recognized. Not surprising, since I have not written dark fantasy for many a long day.

“I would love to do an interview with you,” he gushed, “but I don’t have my questions with me.”

Nancy replied he really didn’t need many questions. I piped up that for us all he needed was to start the ball rolling. We could both talk about our books till the cows come home.

Still, he was leary and nervous, not having done many interviews, and none without his LIST.

To make a long story short, between us we talked him out of it, gave him some suggestions for questions, which reminded him of others on his beloved list and off we went.

He was fine, of course, and remembered most of what he wanted to ask us anyway. What fun we all had! I must say it was one of the more enjoyable interviews I have had for a while.

Hope you all enjoy it! My only caveat is that he used the old book covers for the out of print Merculian trade paperbacks and not the spiffy new e-book covers from Untreed Reads. I have asked him to fix this, but meanwhile….

About Caro Soles

Writer in several genres, lover of dachshunds and opera, with some ballet thrown in for good measure. I founded the Bloody Words Mystery Conference, which ran for 14 years as well as the Bony Blithe Award for Canadian Light Mysteries, but that, too, has come to an end. My latest novel is The River District, a look at the seamy side of Merculian.
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